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My aged computer (HP media center m8120n) died; freezes at POST. The geek squad told me everything is fine except mb. They said their replacement service would cost more than buying new sets.

Therefore, I decided to replace it by myself and look for a comparable mobo. I am planning to buy full version of OS cd for clean install but wish to recycle other parts, such as cpu, graphic card and tv card.

Would you please advise me what makes the mobo to be comparable, socket number or chipset? I found a mb with same socket but different chipset. Could this run with my old parts even though it has different chipset?

What is most important for a MB to be comarable, same manufacture, same socket or same chip? Thanks.
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  1. You need something with at least a semi-modern chipset in order to support the FSB of that CPU. I have a similar board on my backup system.

    ASRock G41M-S $44.99


    It should fit and will allow you to overclock your CPU, but you really should get an aftermarket cooler as well if you are going to do that :D.
  2. Newegg has a foxconn G41-M socket 775 board for around $58 shipped that might work for you. It has 4 ddr2 slots and hdmi port; lots of features for the money. The "s" model appears to have some bad reviews, so get the regular model for the same price. I also found your hp board used on page 2 of all the hp 775 boards listed for $37.95 plus shipping, if you're interested. The seller's name is kittysohappy and the model number is P5BW-LA Basswood2 UL8E if you want to take a look; plenty of photos.
  3. Thank you for your help. You guys were great. Thanks.
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