Do i need a water cooling or air cooling for my pc

My pc
intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93ghz
ram - 4gb ddr3 1333 mhz
gpu - sapphire radeon hd 6670 1 gb ddr5
mobo - asus p5g41t lx 3
psu - cooler master 400W psar j3

i have never overclocked any thing in my life and i'm not willing to it in future also , i do gaming regurlarly and my room is pretty clean without dust but my room doesn't has any fans or ac its just a new room and i live in delhi so its pretty hott in there but do i need to purchase a cooler for my pc or wil it be good for 1 or 2 years after than i can think about it and my pc also sounds alot like grinder mixer so please help me out about this , thanks in advance .
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  1. You do not need water cooling if you want a good heat sink i recommend
  2. Your stock cooler/heatsink should be quite sufficient.
    Is the CPU fan that's creating the noise?
    You might wanna clean your CPU heatsink. Dust accumulation could be the reason for the noise.
    Due to dust buildup my CPU was quite noisy, after clean up, you can barely hear it.
  3. Thanks for your reply but as every one says your pc should be in a cool and dust free place my room is dust free but its hot and for the grinding noise every one says its a symptom of hard disk failure but every thing seems fine on my hdd , i dont have a single virus , my voltage supply is also good no ups and sown , so i just wanted to know do i have to fear about any thing i mentioned above or every thing is normal and it happens to everybody thanks in advance and sorry for writing so much its only because i love my cuter .
  4. The HDD grinding noise seems like a bad sign. I'd recommend you to backup all your Imp. files.

    As for the CPU, the stock cooler should be fine.
    Use CoreTemp to monitor your temps @ idle as well as under load.
    Your temps should be well under 80c, when under max. load.
  5. So are you sure that the grinding noise is produced by hdd's failure and i think my cpu's cooler and temp is fine because i can hear only 1 type of noise and its grinding otherwise every thing is fine and ya one more thing is my psu good for my pc ?
  6. I think you will be fine with the stock cooler but you will get better temps out of your CPU if you spend the extra 30 dollars for the cooler master hyper 212 evo. I have the evo and it lowered my temps by over 30 Celsius at load and over 15 while idle, very good investment and since your overclocking you might as well be safe. and it will extend the life of your processor.
  7. How can I know where the noise is coming from?:P
    If you're not sure about the HDD, then unplug your HDD and start your PC & let us know if you can hear that noise.

    Your PSU is fine.
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