Dual channel or triple channel?

I have a new motherboard that can configure in dual channel for which I have 2x2Gb sticks of memory.
Or it can configure as triple channel and was looking at 3x1gb sticks
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  1. If you already have 2x2GB modules, then use them. The performance difference between dual and triple channel is minimal; benchmarks are required to measure the difference.

    http://www.insidehw.com/Reviews/Memory/Intel-Core-i7-Dual-Channel-vs.-Triple-Channel-Memory-Mode.html Other benchmarks provide similar results.
  2. I forgot to say that the 2x2Gb sticks would have to come from another PC but the cost of the 3x1GB are quite reasonable and was pondering as to if the option of doing this was a reasonable option; as cost is low but performance wise would it work well enough.

    I will be running XP Pro initially for office use. on an X58 Mb with i7-930 cpu.
  3. 3GB for XP Pro 32-bit is fine since the maximum addressable RAM is 3.25GB or less. If you were using a 64-bit OS, then I would recommend a 3x2GB kit.
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