IBUYPOWER, errors or... scams ?

Hello, a friend of mine ordered a pre-built PC from IBUYPOWER.com and he ordered a SLI system. First, the computer couldnt power up. We've opened the case, and some weires wasnt plugged at all, like the main ATX power for the motherboard. And hard disk, etc. And it only had 1 video card, when he ordered SLI videos cards(2). Is this scam? or simply an error? Are they really worth the price? to recieve a broken pre built PC? Please comment.
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  1. GEE! I haven't read anything about them for a couple of years. From what I remember they're not a very good company to deal with. Your friend will have to contact them and see what can be worked out. I think your friend will find dealing with them will be a royal pain in the butt.
  2. ibuypower. What was it that P.T. Barnum said?
  3. Errors. Likely some tech was lazy and messed up big time. I think they have some real problems with quality control over there. Use a digital camera to take pictures to send to whatever customer service rep you end up contacting.

    Yet another reason I would rather build it myself ^_^
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