2routers (Linksys WRT160N & Dlink WBR-1310) 1 Network?

Alright so heres my new situation

I recently moved into a basement apartment the family I'm living below has a wireless network (they use the Linksys WRT160N) and I'm BARELY able to connect to it when I'm at home, they offered to run ONE line of Cat5 down stairs for me (which is great of them to do) but my issue is that I would also like to have my Xbox and PS3 connected when I want to use them, now the TV is on the opposite side of my apartment so what I'm thinking is grabbing my old Dlink WBR-1310 router and using it as a 'switch' (even if the Xbox and PS3 have to be hardwired that fine by me, but wireless is preferred)

so I've been scouring google for about 20 minutes with no dag-on luck :(

is there a way of doing what I want? or should I just bite the bullet and go and get me a REAL switch?
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    It will work, but you'll have to use your own network and ask them to route traffic destined to your LAN through your router. I do that, but I have control on all routers.

    As as example, if their network is, then yours could be and they would route route all traffic destined to network through your router having a static IP address like
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