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There is a great deal on a motherboard on Newegg right now. I had planned to pair this motherboard with an old Athlon 64 X2 processor that I have laying around. The specific model of the processor is ADO4800IAA5D0.

For some reason though, this specific processor model number is missing from the supported CPU list of the motherboard:

The supported CPU list contains many other Athlon 64 X2 processors, so I am wondering if it's possible this one just got overlooked or something. Do you guys think the processor would still work? I just want to be fairly certain before I buy, because if the motherboard doesn't work with the processor it is a waste of money for me.
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  1. No. The cpu probably won't work with your board. The motherboard chipset has limitations for the cpu according to the voltage requirements, etc. If you want to upgrade your system, find a new board with the cpu on it's support list that works with your ram.
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    You have the EE version of the 4800X2. It "should" work, but even if it does it won't be fully supported in that it won't run at the voltage it's suppose to so you will probably have to run it at a slightly higher voltage. I'd give the board a 60% chance of posting, going by the CPUs supported. It would be more likely if this board also supported Phenom and Phenom II CPUs, but I think Biostart artificially limited the board strictly to low end CPUs to encourage you to buy a more expensive board.

    if $50 is your budget this board is miles better

    ASRock N68-S $44.99

    It supports just about all AMD AM2/+/AM3 CPUs that are 95W and under
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