SCSI and ATX Mobos???

Hi guys, I found a SCSI HDD at a garage sale that was 15,000 RPMs and 73Gb, so I bought it. Unfortunately, the owner did not have any cables for it, so I'm wondering if this HDD will be compatible with a normal ATX motherboard? (Sabertooth 990x)
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  1. No.

    you will need to buy a SCSI controller card and some SCSI cables (im assumeing its a U320 SCSI drive. run its model number through google to confirm)

    if you already had a SCSI controller card and cables i would have said as long as it cots les than $30 u didnt do to bad.

    unfortunatly scsi cards dont come cheap. and even the mid to high range U320 SCSI cards will only perform about as well as a 1tb Black Edition Western Digital (SATA II or III).

    these cards should work in ur 990X board.
    i wouldnt bother with the HDD. a new 1tb WD Black or equilivent will be quicker and store more while still being ~$100
  2. the SCSI hdd's were around with IDE hard drives. and were designed for the server market. they were great and ultra fast when compared to IDE drives of the period.

    But as the Server market has moved to SAS (Serial attached SCSI) the consumer market has moved to SATA. providing much faster speeds than ever before.
  3. actually, i got the card for $25 :P
    and the model is a Fujitsuu MBC2073RC (is a U320 a controller? sorry, i'm only familiar with SATA HDD's, but when I saw the speed and the price I took a risk in getting it first and worrying about compatibility later :P)
  4. oh yeah, now that i read it, it's a SAS hdd, whoops..
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    SAS....its not that old an HDD then.

    still the answer is NO not native support on your board.

    but yes with a PCI or PCI-Express SAS controller card it will work.

    will be pretty decent speed to. if u can get another Fujitsuu MBC2073RC and RAID 0 them on the card it will be very quick indeed. (as well as 150gb of space)
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