Samsung HDD dead after connecting to Z68 motherboard: pls help

I have a dell optiplex380 at office. i have a second HDD (SAMSUNG 1TB) there.
Recently i changed my office so i just took the internal 2d HDD(SAMSUNG F3 1TB) from Dell optiplex. I added The SAMSUNG 1TB to my home Clone PC (Z68) mobo as second HDD. After attaching the SAMSUNG HDD as 2nd HDD, the bios does not detect it. and The HDD does not rotate.
I went to office and attached the SAMSUNG f3 1TB to The optiplex380. This time, the Dell optiplex bios also do not recognise the HDD. The SAMSUNG HDD has stopped spinning.

Googled this issue and found that samsung has issued a firmware upgrade.

Do you think that my Z68 mobo killed the SAmsung f3 1TB HDD?

Is there any way of data recovery?? Please help..
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    No reason to think that the Z68 mobo killed the Samsung HDD. I hope you exercised caution while doing the changeovers.

    Install Samsung's upgrade and connect the drive. If you still have issues, try "RECUVA" from
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