Bad Processor IMC or bad Motherboard?

My newly built AMD (Phenom II X4 965) system has run into a major road block.
I recieved the RAM last week and booted the system up. Installed Win7 and so far so good. Then after a restart the DRAM indicator LED on the motherboard (M4A88TD-V EVO) was light indicating a RAM failure. I figured a BIOS setting may have accidently been changed so I pressed the onboard MemOK button (resets RAM to factory/MB compatible settings) but no luck. Powered down reset CMOS jumpers-no luck. Removed Onboard battery and reset jumpers-no luck. Tested both sticks of RAM (2X2GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 CL8) individually in every slot and together in channel B configuration but no luck. I then picked up another stick of DDR3 and tested MB to see if the G.Skill RAM was bad or if the MB was bad. Failed all four DIMM slots.

Now I am trying to decide between returning the Motherboard (warranty still good) or purchasing a new CPU (PII 965 warranty expired) for a bad Memory Controller.
Is it probable that all four DIMM slots failed on the Mobo all at once or did the processor's IMC fail?

Thanks for any help

***No onboard speaker=no BIOS beeps***
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  1. You need a system speaker, especially with a non-working system.

    Otherwise, you are guessing and just randomly changing parts.
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