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Hi All

I am planning to build a new PC, it will support Intels SRT, but I was wondering if I should just install windows 7 (ultimate) on the SSD, or install windows on the HHD with SRT enabled?

I am tending toward the SSD install route, but would like to hear any opnions and views, or dos and don'ts.


Mainboard: ASUS 1155 P8Z68-V PRO S/L
Processor: i5-2500K
SSD: Crucial CT256M4

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Install on the ssd. You could partition 40 or 50 gig to the srt and run a small c drive or just use the m4 as a 'boot' disk with some important programs/scratch disk and leave the spinner for storage. imho a storage drive does not benefit much from srt but it depends how you use that storage.

    The big benefit of the z68 is not srt but Lucid. Making use of the apu's strengths is a great idea.
  2. Thanks Adam.

    kinda confirmed what I was thinking. I have not heard of Lucid, could you (or anyone) provide more info/url etc about what it is?

  3. Lucid is used for virtualizing the igpu for using quicksync which greatly improves encoding times with supporting software. Even for someone like me which does encode, I didn't get my z68 for lucid, didn't even install it, just put a monitor in the igpu so I didn't have to virtualize it. What's important is that you can use the igpu and OC. (srt is unimportant too for me but it has its uses for others).
  4. Here's an article from February about the 'excitement' and limitations of LucidLogix. I'm not up to date on what's been happening as I have not yet built my z68 but I am excited as my wife is a family home video junkie and I hate spending my entire evening encoding video on my q6600 machine.,review-32127.html

    Sorry for the delay... fishing
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