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Swiftech dual 140mm radio enough for i7-3770S OC?

Hi guys,

I'm in the process of building new gaming pc (done this many times). However, it's my first time building a water cooling system.

That said, I'm wondering if a Swiftech Dual 140mm Fan - MCRx40-QP "Quiet Power" Radiator Series would be enough to cool an OC'ed i7-3770S CPU.

Note that I want to OC the CPU enough to get the best milleage out of it but I'm not here to break any OC records. Stability is much more important for me.

Note that I probably won't won't water cool the bridge or RAM since there's very little advantage (from a bang for the buck perspective). I might be doing GPU but haven't read much about it and from what I can tell, the performance gain from cooling your GPU isn't that impressive (but feel free to prove me wrong).

So, will this Radiator work for a CPU overclock (and potentially GPU overclock) or would I have to go with a 3 or 4 fan Rad?
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    CPU alone yes no problem even clocked, CPU GPU not clocked probably would handle it, CPU GPU both clocked or even with only one clocked no way, even with 2 rads you would be pushing it.
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