PSU fan amkes a rotating noise..

I have a coolermaster 600w psu. Its about a year old now. Lately i hear this very load noise form the psu when my computer is turned on. However when i play games after a while i feel that the fan is rotating at a much grater speed and the noise level decreases. This is annoying and i wanna know that what is causing the problem. Is my PSU dead or is it safe enough to defend my PC from voltage fluctuation. If not then can it lead to damage of my GPU which was damaged once after a couple of days of this loud noise. PLZ help. If i wanna plan to buy a new PSU for GTX 295 what should i be thn? But i wanna get this fixed.
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  1. Sometimes when the computer is turned on it makes a quick burst of air and then idles down. If it is still making that sound, just start with the usual steps:

    Dust it out
    Check the connections
    Check if you added anything new

    If that fails then see if you have a warranty.

    What I am getting from what you wrote is that when you turn on your computer, it makes a loud startup noise but the fan spins regularly, then when you play games the fan spins faster but gets quieter?

    Hopefully I could be of some help.
  2. I will dust it of...surely. But i would like to know as of general query do i have to open up the PSU. cause i am not an expert and it is better to get help from an expert.
  3. You do not have to open the power supply case. If the power supply is still under warranty, opening the power supply will void the warranty.

    I use a small can of compressed air to blow away dust. If the fan starts spinning, use a small object inserted through the perforated mesh or fan grill to stop the spinning. Do it carefully and do not push the object past the fan blades. You'll want to avoid contact with other psu components.
  4. ok ill give it a try..hope it works what i am getting to is that it is caused only because of dust. one thing i forgot to mention is that when my PC is switched on the cabinet when the PSU is presents vibrates excessively i can feel by tuching it but after some time the vibration reduces to usual. Is this hapenning because of the dust as well
  5. I was just answering your question about opening the power supply case. Opening a psu case voids the warranty. Because of that the only thing you can do is blow out any dust that might have accumulated. That may or may not solve the problem.
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