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'Ello. Well, I'm looking to get some more space for my computer...I tend to have alot of things between random files and games...Right now i only have 500gb..I was looking to get somewhere around 2 more TB's possibly..The thing is though, Internal seems to be the more expensive pick, where as External may be cheaper, but it also has a slower transfer rate..I was looking to combine two of them to work as one (the one i currently have and the one i want to get), I believe raid does that...

So basically I'm asking, am I better off just using the Internal one i have now to play games on and buying a External drive to store my files on, or could I possibly get another Internal and use the two as one without it being crazy expensive?

If you need any more info, just ask.
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  1. You are better off adding internal drives wherever possible. Generally, internal (bare) drives are less expensive than external drives for the same quality and performance.

    Currently, prices for HDDs are out of sight!

    Just install the additional drive, and at this point there is no need for RAID because of the drawbacks of RAID0 (mirroring in RAID1 will cut down the total disk capacity). More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID
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