Does a VGA to HDMI adapter give a HD display?

Hello Everybody:

I would like to know if a video-signal adapter (VGA to HDMI/ HDMI/DVI etc) will give the results that are expected before the conversion. Meaning, if I connect a graphic card with no HDMI interface, using it's DVI connection, to a HD monitor, using it's HDMI connection (of course via an adapter), the resolution seen in the monitor will be HD?

Hope you understood the question, if not please say so, so I can fix it and get answers.

Thank you.
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    DVI and HDMI are exactly the same, the only difference being HDMI also carries audio. So, video-wise DVI and HDMI are identical, and if you use a DVI-HDMI adapter, you will get HD resolutions
  2. Thank you, but let's take my example of the VGA with the HDMI, the display won't be the same right? because of the Analog and Digital differences.
  3. yes. i believe since the source is VGA, the final output will also be VGA. however, because of the analog-digital difference, the adapter will be a lot more complex
  4. xbonez thank you for your input.
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