Crucial M4 128GB SSD Benchmark

Hi, I was just wondering is this benchmark good or bad? my boot time is not as fast as i believe it should be, nor when opening applications...

Boot time:

When turned on roughly 20seconds
From POST roughly 15seconds


the motherboard connectors are set to AHCI mode by defualt (double checked BIOS and it says AHCI)

the SSD is connected via a 6gb serial ata cableto the connector "SATA6G_1" which are he grey connectors

specs are:

i5 2500k
msi gtx570
gskill 8gb
asus 24 inch
750 corsair
crucial m4 128gb
spinponit f3 1tb
asus v pro
windows 7 ultimate 64bit
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  1. I have the same SSD and I get the same test results. These results should be what you can expect with these SSD with latest firmware installed (which you have).
  2. Concur, Your snapshot of AS SSD is very similar to mine (Laptop I5-2410m w/2 128 gig M4s).
    My Seq read is 502 (Never tell the diff.) Your 4K are slightly higher (More important than Seq performance but again not enough of a differece outside a benchmark to notice). My over all score is 774 - 1% diff - NEVER show up in real life as a diff.

    Boot times: Total time to open a program - Approx 24 Sec. Post about 8 sec, load OS and open a program about 16 Sec. - Almost identical to yours. Post can vary based on what is checked by bios and time to initalize Drives. Loading operating system can vary based on what is loaded into the operating system (Start-up programs).

    Bottom Line, I'd say you are very close to nominal performance and with in the tolerence difference that most would see.
  3. sweet

    also one more thing...

    at 13 seconds the screen does this wierd thing, could this be why its a little be more slower?

    this is what someone posted in my "new build problem" but its the only reply i got:

    "could it be just a artifact that happens when windows switches from the low screen resolution in the "starting windows" screen to a higher desktop resolution."

    I changed from VGA to DVI and my BIOS start up picture went smaller and so did the EFI BIOS, however when I changed from VGA to DVI the picture was not blurry. But i'm not sure if those lines came up when I had the VGA connected, but i'm pretty sure it did.

    do you know a way I can get rid of those lines?
  4. Don't think there is anything to be worried about, looks like the system is so fast it skips a screen which is why you get those minor artifacts.
  5. Most likely just an artifact of switching resolutions. If Not seen after OS is loaded and runing I would not worry
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