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Is it normal for the P7P55D to have a small gap between the I/O shield and the I/O interfaces? I thought it was pretty weird seeing that. I noticed that there was a metal tab on the PS2 port and I was not sure if I could remove it or not. It was getting in the way of installation of the mobo. Definitely made a one man's job into a two man's job for someone who has a big hsf. I had to push the motherboard into the I/O shield while my housemates helped me get the screw in place.

Also is it safe to insert my CPU fan into the CHA FAN? I have a Noctua NH-D14 and it covers the CPU FAN slot.
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  1. Hi.

    Cna u post a picture of the mobo and the gaps? I think that's normal but I want to see it before be sure that are normal.
  2. Unfortunately the only camera that I have is on my laptop. I'll give it a try when I get back home.
  3. There should not be a gap between the I/O shield and the I/O interfaces or ports, I think. The metal tabs are for centralizing the ports in the I/O shield. If you bent the tabs during the M/B installation, they keep the ports away from the I/O shield. My M/B is Asus P7P55D but it does not have the tabs. It is tabless. Therefore, I think you should remove the M/B, straighten the tabs to their original position and re-install the M/B so that the tabs open sideways to make way for I/O ports.
  4. I did not bend the tab. It was already bent to begin with and I just thought that maybe I should straighten them; however, I noticed that there was not slot for the I/O shield to insert that tab in so I decided not to straighten it. You can see the tab here


    Just zoomed in at the PS2 ports

    Anyway, I'll try to take a picture later. I have been busy =/
  5. ^I can't see anything wrong in the PS2 port.
  6. saint19 said:
    ^I can't see anything wrong in the PS2 port.

    You don't see that metal tab slanting upward at the bottom PS2 port? Squinting might help
  7. This is a better picture.

    I look for many pictures in Google and seems normal for that mobo.
  8. Funny... when I looked at my I/O interfaces again to take some picture, I noticed that the gap that I mistakenly saw was just the foam layer. My eye was probably tired the day that I posted this. lol
  9. :lol: sometimes happen ;)
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