Is the I7 930 going to be 32nm ?

I'm building a new system and wondered if the new I7 930 will likely overclock higher than a 920. Any news on this yet? Will be using Coolit Domino cooler. Or should I just run with the 920.
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  1. You'll clock much higher if you use a better cooler - those closed, single rad water coolers aren't up to the job.

    The 930 is due Q1 2010 which means January to March, so if you can't wait 6 weeks get the 920 now. To be honest I don't see the 930 doing much better than 4.2GHz like the 920 anyway.
  2. the 930 will be a 920 with a 21x multi, its the same but with 1 higher multi so i dont think its worth the wait.

    also its gonna be 45nm.
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