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Hello, I have a new dell with windows 7 and I cannot connect to my netgear wireless router. Is there a known problem with router compatibility and windows 7?
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  1. The OS is oblivious to the presence of the wireless router. At best it knows it’s either connected via wire to another Ethernet device, or a wireless access point. But it's clueless as to whether that's ultimately a router, cable/dsl modem, PC, laptop, XBOX, etc. All it knows are the standard interfaces and protocols used by remote devices, not the particulars of the device that implement them.

    So whatever is causing your problems isn’t a compatibility issue w/ Windows 7, at least not directly. Indirectly, there may be an issue w/ an installed wireless adapter and each time it attempts to access the wireless router, it fails. But that’s a problem of the wireless adapter, not the wireless router (or the combination of that particular router and that particular adapter).

    Can you at least get a wired connection working?
  2. yes I can get a wired connection, but not a wireless connection with my own router. I have been able to connect to other wireless routers though. The netgear website actually shows which wireless routers are windows 7 compatible. For some you just need to update the firmware, but for the one I own I have the most recent version of the firmware and it is not compatible. Netgear knows this.
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