Saphire HD 5770 cards HDMI output failure - help?

A month ago I got 2 Saphire HD 5770 grahics cards to go with a Crosshire lll motherboard, 6 gig memory, 3.0 CPU, 550Watt PS.

I had the cards linked and i was using the HDMI connection to my 50 inch LCD TV.....all worked beutiful for weeks running 'Borderlands'.

Then I turned on the computer as usual one day and it video output...ehhh???

I tried both 5770 cards individually and neither worked...same beebs...

I installed 2 ATI HD 5750 cards I had and all works again.

I can only surmise that for some reason the video outs of both of the Saphire HD 5770 cards have failed.....this is next thought is that the HDMI output of the graphics cards are not really meant to be used as a usual output or they do not have any high voltage spike protaction.

There can be a ground voltage potential difference between the 240VAC 50 Hz TV circuitry and the low DC voltage of the graphics card circuitry...maybe...using the HDMI output to the TV.....

The fact both Saphire HD 5770 cards failed is just weird....

For now I am back using the DVI output of the ATI HD 5750 cards....and see what I can learn about all this.

The DVI outputs of the Saphire cards also did not work so the output video circuitry failed.....

Any ideas will be great
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  1. So the 5770 cards dont work at all? if thats the case then having them both fail at the same time seems odd possibly a psu issue. what psu do u have?
  2. I have a related XFX Radeon 5750 HDMI issue. It works only intermittently to a Sony AV receiver or Panasonic plasma via a 50' Monster HDMI cable. The same cable works fine for multiple other devices (DirecTV, DVD), so the problem appears to be the video card.

    Catalyst Control Center "recognizes" the Sony and Panasonic, but no video or sound are received. Not sure why it recognizes but can't get video and audio there.

    1. Is there something about the power output of these cards that make then much more sensitive than other HT components?

    2. Is this an AMD 5750 issue or the way XFX implements it on the card? Could another 5750 card (e.g. Sapphire) perhaps solve this?

    3. Any suggestions (other than returning the card)? An HDMI booster?

    The 5750 has HUGE potential for an easy remote media server for HD TVs. But it looks like it may not be ready for primetime. AMD support have little useful feedback. Not sure if AMD engineers have an answer.
  3. drums101 said:
    So the 5770 cards dont work at all? if thats the case then having them both fail at the same time seems odd possibly a psu issue. what psu do u have?

    Thanks for your reply.
    PSU was 600watt Jou Jye Electronic Co Ltd....made in England....

    I just got two Gigabyte HD5770 cards and a new PSU 850watt Powercool Extreme...just to be sure..
    The system is back working now with the Gigabyte cards......I have not tried the Saphire HD5770 cards I cannot yet be sure they will not work with a new PSU....but they worked with the 600watt PSU for 3 weeks....and also they would not work individually (less power required) later with the 600watt PSU. I think the HDMI stressed the vid output and because they were linked somehow they both failed.......and also the two ATI HD5750's worked with the 600watt all points to the Saphire at this moment.
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