Boot problem ivy bridge overclocked 4.4

Hi, i built my pc 2 weeks ago and i started overclocking it and got something stable at 4,4 ghz offset -0.035 with llc set at ultra high and 1,7 pll voltage. I ran ibt at maximum for 12 hour with no error i also ran prime95 for 2 hours no problem. I played hours of dirt showdown and diablo III. My temps are excellent idle at 25-28 ish and 0,888 vcore Load temps are 65-78 at 1,232vcore

Ok heres the problem, sometimes when i cold boot my pc it beep 5 times in loop and i have to hard close it then i get overclocking failed please enter setup message. It never happen when rebooting. Everything else work fine. I also had a bad CPU error code(5 beeps) when i first built my rig but it was a bad CPU so i did rma it and this is the new one. My motherboard had a bent pin on CPU socket but not so bad like i said everything work perfectly.

I did alot of search on google i even reseted my bios and i updated it Please help me guys.

My build is

I5 3570k
Corsair a70
Asus p8z77-v pro
Corsair carbide 500r
Antec truepower 750w
4x4gb low profile corsair 1600 mhz vengeance
gigabyte gtx 670 oc
ocz ssd vertex3 120gb
1tb caviar blue wd HDD
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  1. That means you don't' have enough voltage.
  2. amuffin said:
    That means you don't' have enough voltage.

    Thats what i think too. The first thing i did is upped the turbo ratio to 4.5 and adjusted the offset to +0.015 but ran into temps problem hiting the 90 ish on one core.
    So i did reduce the turbo ratio to 4.4 and llc to level 3 instead of 5 and adjust offset to -0.020. Now i run into stability problem, i have all c-state enabled should i disable them?
    My pll voltage is 1.8 i might try something to get better temp.

    If anyone have some advice for offset overclocking feel free to post.
  3. I am wondering also if this is normal i get 90c on one core at 1.280 v when running ibt at 4.5ghz
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