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I intend to upgrade my current graphic card (Radeon HD2900XT) to something more recent. I do not want to spend a fortune since my computer is already two years old (E6750, 6gb of DDR2 800 and a 1600x1050 display), and plan to keep it for at least another year. I am basically looking for a “mid-life upgrade” to rejuvenate my computer. I am hesitating between a HD4890 and a HD5770, which are at comparable prices. From what I have read, the 4890 is a bit more powerful, while the 5770 supports DX11. Do you believe the possibility of using DX11 in the mid-term is worth the performance trade-off? Please let me know what you think/would do.
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  1. Honestly, if you are looking for some quick power for a year and then upgrade, I would go with the 4890 for the pure power. DX11 games will be coming out in the new year, but if you are looking for something now that will give you a big boost, I'd get the 4890. Now if you were looking for an upgrade for the long term, I think I would go with a 5770.
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