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I think my friends computer has gotten a virus. I don't get to go to his house often, but last time I went he had a classic 'hi-jacker'. Random latters Rtxchs.exe etc in task manager, closing it helped the problem.

It starts just giving issues opening Chrome, IE, etc and often locks your main program up. Once it gets bad it disables Regedit and Task Manager. I'm bringing it over this weekend but I -really- don't want to format it. Everytime I -think- I got rid of it, it comes back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to really get rid of it? I've tried searching through Program Files for all random problems I don't know etc but can't find it, apparently.

going to try Malware, BitDefender scans etc. I can't go into Safe Mode with networking (THAT is my problem. On the other computers I fixed it, I did that.)

I get this problem claiming 'Windows needs to be activated', but Windows IS Activated. I can go into NORMAL Safe Mode, so maybe I'll just run BD/MW from it?
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  1. One of your main problems is the free software you keep loading, it's not protecting the computer.
    The virus takes over the security and renders it FUBAR.
    The best strategy is to install the FUBAR drive (as a second drive) on a computer that already has professional antivirus installed.
    If I say "professional antivirus" I'm not talking about a free download. Update it first.
    Drag the personal files off the drive, and back them up, using the good computer. Scan the files with the good antivirus. Stick them on a USB drive, etc...
    Now delete the partitions and re-format the FUBAR drive, slow complete formatting...
    and install a fresh OS.
    Load the latest MB drivers, and now you can restore your files from the backup.
  2. Try the Avira Antivir rescue disk, it runs from it's own bootable system. You don't even need to fire up Windows. http://www.avira.com/en/downloads#tools

    You are probably just better off re-installing Windows clean on it, have him backup his files and settings, and wipe it.
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