X58 motherboard Power supply


We offer ICT support and have a request from a client as follows,

Can you supply the following

450 - 500 watt,
Dual fan (internal as well as external)
24pin power connector (or 20+4)
8pin 12v core processor connector (or 6+2)(PCI-E connector)
4 pin PCI connector
minimum 2 SATA power connectors
minimum 2 IDE connectors.

Needed for X58 motherboard

Need help finding a good product to satisfy this request please.

Thank you
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  1. Just about any, even bargain basement, PSU would meet that spec except for the dual fan requirement. Here's a list of dual fan PSU's


    But I would not use a single one of them....except perhaps the BFG one but only after researching reviews on that particular model. I think your client would be much better served by one of these, even one of the fanless ones.

  2. A little over speced, but I wouldn't put anything smaller in an x58 system.
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)

    PSU does not need to be dual fans. In fact most good PSU's do not have dual fans.
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