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hey,i had recently built up a pc and wanna ask you that how to connect the case wires to front panel audio of mobo.the problem is that when i connect them windows detects front panel but after plugging in headphones the sound still comes from are the pics of the connector and mobo the connector right to fit in the mobo pins.i am a total noob at this.please dont give me advice to read case manual or motherboard manual cos' it is not available anywhere.sorry the images are bad cos' i dont have a good camera.image links
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  1. Links aren't live. If your motherboard has HD audio, use the HD connector on the front panel audio cable to connect to the board's front panel audio jack. If the board does not have HD audio, use the other connector to connect to the board's audio jack. If the case's front panel cable has only one connector, it is likely analog, and will not function properly with HD audio on the motherboard.
  2. I looked at the links and I do not know what is going on.

    The case wiring shows an 8 pin ( 2X4) connector. The motherboard audio is a 9 pin connector in a 5X2 shape.

    I suspect that you are recycling a non-standard case.

    You can download most motherboard manuals and many case manuals from the internet.

    So ... What motherboard and case are you using?
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