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I got good one....OCing a X2 4450e

I have this customer that is a cheap skate and he has this little CPU the X2 4450e on a MSI 785 board and he wants 3.0 GHz out of it. I played around in BIOS and its really limited on features for OCing....Has anyone OCed this little POS chip before?
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    AMD Athlon cpu's we're unlocked, so all you need to do is increase the cpu multiplier to 15x and raise the voltage per needed (vcore)
  2. The multi is locked out..but I can adjust the FSB but the RAM is crap in this machine...So, back to torturing this little POS..Thx for the reply nna2
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  4. I got 2700 easy, free. Just stacked a couple more cheap (2.25) fans on the cpu. With a decent heatsink and fan it should be easy. Mind you I have 2 fans directly on my ram too.
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