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I have a question about motherboard that I just bought.
A bought asus M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard, but I’m not sure what RAM memory should I by. I want to take ddr3 at 1600 MHz but at the store They told me that I have to change BIOS values for RAM to 1600. Will this change affect the life of motherboard, and what memory you suggest me to by.
P.S. Sorry for bad English.
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  1. You can use 1600 ram on any board that supports it. Some only run at 1600 when you overclock the cpu, but it's still good to have. There's no effect on the board lifespan by using faster ram. Most 1600 ram costs no more than slower speeds. Newegg has some gskill 1600 2x2gb for $97 shipped in today's email promos.
  2. it wont affect you at all changing it manually, for some reason some board like that one downclock them, but allow them to be changed to their intial values through the bios, all you have to do is change the clock speed, and no it will not harm your ram, or decrease the lifespan. it is just a minor flaw of the board.
  3. Thank you for fast answers :)
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