Gigabyte GA -P55M-UD2 MB boot drive with raid 1 array

I am trying, without success, to set up an SSD boot drive containing the O/S plus programs and a separate RAID1 array for data.

Everything works fine with the one boot drive but the O/S will not load with the two RAID drives connected.

The Hard disk Boot Priority is set correctly to boot from the SSD.

I have tried all three connected to the ports controlled by the P55.

I also tried the boot drive connected to the GSATA ports with the two RAID drives connected to the P55 ports and vice versa.

Please help.
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  1. Go to BIOS, go to Advanced BIOS Features, Hard Disk Boot Priority, set up your preferred harddisk order, ESC, set up your preferred First/Second/Third Boot Device. Ideally:

    USB HDD (flash memory)
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    The SSD is SATA not USB. It is a Kensington SSDNow VSeries 64Gig. It works very well as a stand alone HDD.
    I will try your suggestion tonight and also look at Intel's on-line documentation for the P55.
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