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I have got a Packard bell IXTREME 6082 with a ATI RADEON 9200 (RV280SE) video card 128 MB DDR +TV-out
Name: ATI RV280SE / Radeon 9200
Type: 2D/3D Video card
Manufacturer Chipset: ATI

I know nothing about computers so I wanted to know could I put a Gigabyte GV-R455D3-512I Radeon HD 4550 512MB ATX DVI-i Graphics Card in place of the raden 9200.

I have just updated to windows 7 and it tells me my video does not support 3d
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  1. First of all it looks like your motherboard is AGP. But the card you listed has PCI-express interface. Here is a link to a card that fits your interface
    Today you pay a premium for agp cards versus PCIe and in all reality it is not cost effective to upgrade a computer like yours. Money is better spent on new systems.
  2. Before you even consider upgrading your video card, you first need a new computer because your system has very little upgrade path and the companies will no longer make AGP cards. AGP cards would normally cost $20 more than PCIe cards and the newest PCIe DX 11 video cards would not be compatible with AGP slot.

    You seriously need to build a new PC system. Don't buy the Pre-built PC because otherwise you might have problem with the upgrade path in the future like I had with my old Sony Vaio Desktop PC (sometimes Pre-built PC's case is not compatible with standard ATX sized PSU, thus disabling your PSU upgrade and video card upgrade and the OEM manufacturer (Packard Bell/Sony/Dell) does not offer a PSU with higher power capacity for your model).

    You can also wait for cheaper Core i3 Clarkdale (with IGP support) and H57 motherboards to come by early next year or otherwise go with current P55 motherboard and with cheaper Core i5 CPU.
  3. Umm... yeah..., you're better off with a new computer. Well I guess you're not going to play games and just want to use it for the Aero affects. The card that rolli59 suggested to you should do just fine.
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