Screen Jitter From HD5670 at Increased CLock Speeds

Hi guys,

Im quite new to this OC malarky and was interested to find out I could increase my clock speeds on my HD5670 using the 'ATI Overdrive' function in the Control Centre. I can go from 775mhz to 850 on the Core, and from 1000mhz to 1050 on the memory

Trouble is when I do I get a unsightly screen jitter, worse still, now that I have returned the clock speeds to original, I sometimes get a slight jitter during normal PC use (although this is not majorly bad). I have googled the problem, and others have had the same issue. They all solved it by returning the settings to the way they were, but no info on what was causing the it.

What I am wondering is, is it possible to fix it? I am using a 500W PSU which is not branded, I am wondering if this might be contributing? Elsewhere I have a i5-2400 CPU, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro.

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  1. Thought Id also mention that I have been tinkering with the GPU fan also. It was set at 35%, but I have set it higher using MSI Afterburner. So high temps aren't a factor!!
  2. I don't think the PSU is the problem as the HD5670 in not a power hungry card.Try lower clocks than 850,for instance 800 and if it's stable,increase by 10mhz and test again.Also set your fan speed at 100% and use MSI Afterburner to overclock.Also if your memories don't have heatsinks,don't touch the memory clock.Test your overclocks with Furmark and games.
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