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I m not seeking an exact answer,it would do me no good! i m a clicker i don't read!!!so i perish"for lack of knowledge"get it"?I m seeking an honest person or company who is not after my money or out to scam me, :non: a sincere person who can assist me in finding a place to start reading, :hello: :hello: ...i need knowledge quickly where do i start :wahoo: :??: i hate :pt1cable: reading!!!!!just put it in laymens terms an interpreter is what i need,from the technical :sol: to the to the " :bounce: LAME"i don't get it and it seems so overwhelming.can anyone just give me a clue?i m not giving up or quitting,"ever" but i m tired of clicking in circles,and accomplishing "NOTHING"......... "HELP" :cry: .........................
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  1. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    Before asking a technical question do the following:

    Try to find an answer by searching the forum.
    Try to find an answer by searching the Web.
    Try to find an answer by reading the manual.
    Try to find an answer by reading a FAQ.

    Be precise and informative about your problem

    Describe the symptoms of your problem or bug carefully and clearly.

    Describe the environment in which it occurs (machine, OS, application, whatever). Provide your vendor's distribution and release level (e.g.: Windows XP SP1, Ubuntu 12.04 32bit, etc.).

    Describe the research you did to try and understand the problem before you asked the question.
    Describe the diagnostic steps you took to try and pin down the problem yourself before you asked the question.
    Describe any possibly relevant recent changes in your computer or software configuration.
    If at all possible, provide a way to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment.
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