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Where can I find more info on Water Cooling besides here on Tomshardware. This is the 1st place I ever heard of it about 8 or 9yrs ago. I want to be well informed before I even attempt to do this to my next system build. Any links to WC mfg sites would be helpfull as well. I already found Koolance so dont need that one.
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    HW Labs (rads)
    Thermochill (rads)

    Thats just a rough list. Be sure to 1) do ur reading!!! Thats the most important thing. Read reviews, others builds etc. 2) Be prepared to pay. I good CPU loops (only) can easily set you back a good $300-400. Dont skimp...u dont want to buy crap parts plain and simple. Easy "sets" (like Thermaltake) tend to mix metals and mixing Al and Copper lead to galvanic corrosion.
  2. And that is why I'm here asking for where to start looking for info, I really dont want to screw this up. I can always come back here and ask questions later but I'd rather have a good grasp of what's involved before I attempt wc'ing my system and it makes it much easier for other's to understand my questions when I ask them. Thanks for giving me a place to start Silverion77.
  3. Yea, check out the 2 forums listed.

    U don't really need the mfg sites...just read user reviews, builds, the whole shabang.

    RealRedRaider is a good place to start as well. Everyone there is willing to help if u just ask.
  4. Thanks added them to my fav's list a few min ago. Again thanks for the info. :D
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