What do i need to look for in a motherboard?

I'm building a computer for the first time and have gotten myself into a pickle. I need a motherboard for it, and a CPU, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for in it. I plan on using the computer for gaming, and it needs to be an ATX form. I also know that i has to run at speeds of 3.2 or better in order to work the CDD that I already have. Other than that I really have know idea what to look for as far as stats go, what makes a good Motherboard what makes a bad one. Also how do find a compatible CPU and what should I be looking for in that.

So far the only Motherboard i found that runs 3.2 includes a CPU, i found it at tigerdirect.com, link provided.

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  1. pick out a CPU and then go from there..

    then pick out the motherboard, crossfire or sli at all? most would choose one with this capability just incase they'll run GPUs in the future. then compatible ram and a big enough PSU that meets what your build is.
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