Booting from and IDE Drive with a SATA drive installed


My IDE hard drive filled up and I put a 2nd hard drive in my computer which is a SATA drive and now my computer boots from the SATA drive instead of the IDE drive. I just wanted to use the new hard drive as storage. How can change this??

I am running windows XP. Both drives show up in windows but not in BIOS so I can't just change the boot order.
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  1. it should just be a matter of BIOS settings.

    and there should also be a more specific bootsetup for harddrives within your BIOS too, to select which harddrive you want to boot from.

    if the drives arent showing up in your BIOS, theres something wrong there...
  2. It shouldn't boot from the SATA drive since it doesn't have an OS on it.
  3. You should look in the BIOS for the boot order. On some BIOS's it can be difficult to see were to change this.
  4. give the model and name of motherboard i will try to find your bios for the settings
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