Which quad core do you recommend?

I was wonder which of these would you recommend getting?

Q6600 or any of the Q8***?'s
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  1. What do you use the PC for?
  2. light gaming, photoshop, video editing, and file compression.
  3. get a new rig, unless you buyin the cpu used for a good deal, 775 iz dead, but if you must choose, id recommend q9xxx, but if the above are ur only choices, go q8, since it is made with 45nm, whereas q6 is 65nm, but id ore suggest u try to get ur hands on a used q6, shudb pretty cheap, why does that board not have a support list?
  4. Parents are paying for it so my options are limited. I wasnt sure since Q6600 has more cache but the Q8 has more bus speed
  5. Thanks guys, you're a big help. Incase I do upgrade, which socket type would be ideal to switch to?
  6. First, you would want to decide on a budget. There's a price difference when considering AMD(AM3) or Intel(1156 or 1366).
  7. I understand, I've never had an AMD processor before though. If I do build a whole new desktop I'll probably wait till I had about 500$ saved up.
  8. That's probably not a bad idea.

    The newer AMD phenom II's are pretty nice, and cost efficient. The Intel CPUs, generally, are more powerful, but also cost more. If you went with the 1366 socket, you'll also have to consider extra $$ for the RAM, because it uses triple channel, instead of dual channel.
  9. Make sure you don't live by a microcenter. :) q9550 from there would be your best bet.

    If not look up a q9xx0 series on newegg or tigerdirect for under $200.
  10. By the looks of it your motherboard support most quad cores, so it then comes down to availability and price which you choose.

    Here is a link for you to compare some core 2 quads, simply choose the CPUs to compare in the top.
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