What firmware is this EventID 12 referring to?

My Laptop: Win7 64-bit (clean install) on a Dell XPS1710

When using sleep mode, I'm getting event id 12, source 'HAL' errors. Specifically "The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system."

This describes what the issue is:

My question is this: How do I determine what the "platform firmware" is, so I can get new firmware. Is it the BIOS? The Intel chipset? Other?
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    This document was a little deeper in the eventID database - it says you likely need a BIOS update from the system manufacturer. Try Dell's site here, to find any updates available for your model.
  2. Thank you Treefrog. I wasn't sure and didn't want to do a BIOS upgrade without reason, but everything seems to point there.
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  4. You are welcome. I hope it goes well for you.
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