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I am getting ready to install my ssd on my new build. I will need to install it in the sata 6Gb/s but am wondering which ones people usually use. Do you use the on controlled by the Z68 or the Marvell chip? What is preferred? Thanks.
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  1. the SATA III plugs are usually controlled by the Marvell chip while the SATA II plugs are controlled by the southbridge.
  2. The Intel Z68 has less problems the the marvell controller, but on most motherboards you have no choice of controller. They only have 2 6GB plugs controlled by Intel or Marvell. I have a ECS motherboard with 4 6GB plugs. Two are controlled by Intel and the other 2 by Marvell and they are color coded.
  3. Yep, 2 are controlled by the Z68 chip and 2 by the Marvell. Which one is preferred? There are 4 others but they are only 3Gb/s
  4. Intel is preferred over the Marvell.
  5. If they are controlled separately they are most likely different colors and the User manual should say which is which. Unless you plan to do RAID it really wouldn't matter too much.
  6. Goodeggray said:
    Intel is preferred over the Marvell.

    Any reason why?
  7. Intel is more reliable and interfaces better with the SSD.
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