DVI-I to DVI-D (Help!)

I'm getting a new 23" monitor to replace my aging 19" but the new monitor has a DVI-D connection at the back as opposed to a DVI-I connection which both my 19" and Graphics Card have.

I'm a bit confused about this. Do I need a whole new lead to connect my DVI-I Graphics Card to the new DVI-D Monitor or can I get a DVI-I to DVI-D converter that I would use instead?

Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am not sure it will matter, the dvi-i just have a few extra pins to deal with the analog signal if IIRC. I think the female parts are the same on both though.

    Either way, an adapter or new cable will sort that out. I don't suppose the monitor supplied one?

    Hasn't arrived yet and it didnt say when I ordered it.

    I looked at some pictures on the web showing the pin layout and such-like for the different DVI connections. I then checked my existing lead and it has all pins available in it so I assumed it would work but still, wanted to be sure.
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    A DVI-D cable should fit in a DVI-I

    DVI I supports digital and analogue formats
    DVI D supports digital formatrs only.

    u can connect a one to the other.. just aslong as u have the correct cable.. since u dont want to have a cable with more pins then holes (on the gfx card or monitor)

    afaik they are interchangeable

    Just looked at the picture and the corresponding one to the pin layout on the cable is: Single-Link DVI-D cable (even though I'm using it in a DVI-I connection).

    So does this mean that my existing lead will work connecting a DVI-I graphics card to a DVI-D Monitor?
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