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i would like to ask which PC is good for 3d modelling / rendering (3d max/zbrush), video editing, and other design programmes like photohop, after effect etc. one friend of mine recommended buying a one set HP paillion PC. he said it's better because it comes with everything in one brand . so let's say my budget is $1500 including 24" monitor, what is the best PC spec i can get?
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  1. IF you can find an i7 920 with 6 gb of ddr3 within your price range, go for it. You can add a better video card later, depending on your power supply. You can also check with a company called revonate, which sells refurbished pc's, some from Gateway. Figure $200 for the monitor separately. I like dell, samsung, and my current low end unit made by soyo. True 1080p resolution is 1920x1080. I use fatwallet or slickdeals for pc deals. Too bad you didn't buy one in January; you could have found one for around $1k.
  2. so it is true buying a set of pc from a brand is much better (compertible) than building a pc?

    let see if i wanna build a pc, what spec can i get?

    my fren came out with a rough spec like
    Intel pentium i7 3.0 Ghz
    Corsair RAM 8gb
    Mobo Asus
    VGA asus nvidia 2GB and 863 bit
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