9600 GT or ATI HD 4670

Hey guyz i am confused about da comparisons between ati n nvidia cards.... So please help ME out which 1 is better..and a reason would be helpful too :D
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  1. From those 2? as long as there are not power related concerns a 9600GT has more a bit more "umph" than the 4670
  2. I agree that if price is equal a 9600GT is slightly better. See what deals you can find.

    However in terms of value they are competitive since you can get a 4670 pretty cheap.
  3. @ fpasm thx dude...mostly m gonna play games like cod/modern warefare 2/nfs shift.... Counter Strike year round :P
    So 9600 is much better on those grounds...yes there is a little price diff but it wont matter if da performance is worth is.....
    But what chipset are recommended for ati n nvidia...
    like asus i knw for nvidia Xfx is gud enuff....i did see a sparkle 9600 GT calibre series... but is a bit $$

  4. I just needed a but info about graphic cards....wat to look out for in a gfx card
    And wat does Process,Universal Shaders,Texture Units,ROP,Memory Bus,Core Speed MHz,Memory Speed MHz,DirectX/Shader Model Mean ??? :
  5. sanjayk111 said:
    I just needed a but info about graphic cards....wat to look out for in a gfx card
    And wat does Process,Universal Shaders,Texture Units,ROP,Memory Bus,Core Speed MHz,Memory Speed MHz,DirectX/Shader Model Mean ??? :

    Start here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_card
    Then go here http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/Components,1/Graphics-Cards,4/
  6. The 9600GT is generally faster than the 4670 with very few exceptions. A 9600GT is just behind the 9800GT in terms of performance, but the 9600GT also uses a bit more power than the Radeon 4670. The Radeon 4670 is also generally cheaper :D. If you want to learn more details, well that's the reason there is google and wikipeadia :D.
  7. Quote:
    "and the 9600GT will be better for Folding@home (it has a 100MFLOPs advantage to teh 4670) "

    are the wrong way round.. ^^

    Actually it's DESPITE the fact that the HD4670 has a Gflop advantage the current GPU client for F@H doesn't exploit the architecture properly so the GF9600GT will likely still greatly outperform the HD4670 since the HD4670 has to waste extra work doing some things twice (force calculations).

    Anywhoo, this review might also help, they go pretty granular with the details;

  8. the difference in fps is negligible. (1 point for 4670)

    the difference in power is not. (1 point for 4670)

    form factor, the 4670 is smaller and a helluva lot easier to install(1 point for 4670)

    i would never recommend an nvidia based HD-HTPC, ati's HDMI solution is like 1000000000x more convenient than nvidia.

    i had a 9600gt, and a 4670 on my old man's rig. i wouldn't consider the 9600gt right now.
  9. It depends on what resolution you are planning on playing on and the spec of the rest of your system really. I have a 9600GT in my guest gaming / test rig and I can play all source engine games fluidly at 1680x1050 resolution at high/med settings.

    My System Spec:
    Intel E5200 Dual Core Processor 2.5Ghz @3.2Ghz
    ASUS P5B
    2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM

    Cost me £180 to put together :)

    If your PC is the same or better spec than that then you shouldn't have any problems playing the latest games like COD. It just won't be on the highest settings.
  10. I researched alot about them, then assisted my friend in buying a 9600 GT, while i bought the HD 4670, as i didnt wanna upgrade my PSU, while he did upgrade his.

    The 9600 GT is the more powerful graphics processor, but it costs slightly more, and it must be connected to the PSU directly.

    The HD 4670 is slightly less powerful as a gpu, but costs slightly less and uses less power; you dont even need to connect it to the PSU directly, it takes all its power directly from the PCI-E slot.

    Also, you might wanna check out the GT 240, or wait a couple weeks for the new HD 5000 series budget cards from ATI.
    Also, even if you wouldn't want to buy one of the new 5000 series when the do come out, they Might drive the price down of the older ones, but i admit that they probably won't; the returns on these budget cards are small already.

    Either way, WHATEVER you do buy, be it 9600, 4670, 240, or something else in this class, for the games u mentioned, u will definitely not be disappointed and shall be quite satisfied at resolutions up to 1680x1050.

    The differences are usually marginal.

    Gd luck.
  11. Or how about moving up to this great BFG 9800GT - built with a smaller fab so it is lower power - needs no power connector to card - only $89.99

    BFG Tech BFGE98512GTGE GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail
  12. i will do a check on it...dnt knw if its available here.. :(
  13. Where is here?

    Other brands make the low power 9800GT too - in fact about half those listed on newegg are the low power "Eco" variety. Although many don't advertise it.

    The key thing to check is the stats - if it says the core clock is 550 MHz and the shader clock is 1375 MHz (vs. 600 MHz and 1500 MHz respectively for standard and even higher for some OC models) then it is probably the low power model. Although even on newegg most list for $100 to $110 except for the off brands.
  14. m from India...so da price and product availabilty varies massively.like da 9800GT xfx is here for 202$ :( :(
  15. No wonder our tech companies want to business internationally
  16. hahha yea ...its kind of a sick feeling dat stuff is so cheaper outside...n personal imports are not warranty supported here....eporting n import for warranty purpose adds to da cost hugely !!
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