Canon i550 strange noises when idle...!?

Bought the Canon i550 today. Plugged the power in. Noticed this ticking -like sound.
The printer prints perfectly, but once it has nothing to do, it will make ticking sounds. WHen you change a setting in windows, it stops the noise, when you press a button on the printer, it stops too.
The noise is also there when the printer is turned off. Pulling out the power cord causes the ticking to accelerate , then die.
I called canon technical support and they said the printer should not make any noise whatsoever. So I traded it in.

But the new printer makes excactly the same noises :(

Now I'm wondering, does the i550 always make these sounds when idle? Or am I experiencing a bad batch?
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  1. I just got my Canon i550. On first power up it made all kinds of whirring and ticking noises, for a good 15 seconds! But then the head carrier centered itself, I installed the head and cartridges, and it has been silent ever since.

    It makes no noises at all when it is not working, or when it is off.

    Does your printer make noises if the printer cable is disconnected?

    If you are using the parallel interface, try using the USB. Just trying these things as a process of elimination. If the printer is noisy with only the power cable connected, return the printer.

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