Having problems securing my wireless network.

I have a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz router (Model # WRT54G v.3) and matching USB Adapter (Model # WUSB54G ver. 4). These two units play well together, and this worked well when I was with an ISP that only provided a moden with no built-in wireless and no built-in router.

I switched providers, and this new provider uses 2Wire Gateway routers (Model # 2700HG-E2). This router has wireless access, so I am hoping to use it with my USB adapter, but there are problems.

First off, it seems that no matter what form of encryption I use on the router, whether WEP or WPA (TKIP or AES), by USB adapter isn't able to connect. I had decided for a while to simply leave my connection unencrypted, as I thought I could trust my neighbours, until the day I found that there were 4 other computers in my network I couldn't account for.

I decided then to change my router's SSID, and not broadcast it, but even if I tell the Linksys software that services my USB adapter what the SSID is, it seems to not be able to connect unless the SSID is broadcast.

What I'm now thinking is trying to disable all wireless connectivity of the 2Wire, and somehow connect the 2Wire to my Wireless-G router, and handle all wireless through that, which worked before. However, this is completely uncharted territory for me, as I've been able to coast along on the wonders of DHCP and not have to rely on a lot of manual configuration until now.

I know my way around software (I am a programmer) but when it comes to the complexities of hardware, especially networking, and especially wireless, I'm lost :pt1cable:

Help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,

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  1. Try a simple solution first then. Go ahead and conect the 2wire to the router. Then when you connect wirelessly chose the Wireless Router. If it works, job done (for now).

    I had a very similar issue when I added a Hawking 300n to my router. I could not get a wireless link. I used tha cable and that was that. Further setting changs on the 300n to make it an extender enabled me to use it as a wireless extender until the router wireless stopped allowing me to connect. I hooked the LAN cable up again and was back in business.

    Later, once you have a stable system, you could ask Linksys for the appropriate settings.
  2. Thanks, Roy124, for the reply. The 2Wire modem has a "WAN" port, and I connected an ethernet cable from this port to the Linksys's "Internet" port. my USB adapter can find the Linksys access point fine, and securely, but cannot access the internet.

    I've heard of others suggest modifications to the 2Wire settings, taking it out of "DHCP" mode and instead "bridging" the two routers, but if this is the solution, I may need step-by-step help.

  3. Daniel, that amplifies the issue. It might be the Linksys setting needed.
  4. Roy, I appreciate your input, but that confuses me. Could you clarify a little more what you mean?
  5. You can't just patch one router to the other. Each has a DHCP server and at least one needs to be disabled! Otherwise it's highly likely your wireless clients will be misconfigured should they communicate w/ the wrong DHCP server.

    That's why the answer is relatively simple. The 2wire should have a bridge mode. That will disable its own DHCP server (and probably its own wireless too). That demotes the 2wire to nothing more than a modem. Now patch your own wireless router to the 2wire (WAN to LAN, respectively).

    [2wire (bridged)](lan)<--wire-->(wan)[wrt54g]<--wire/wireless-->[pc]
  6. Thanks, eibgrad, for the input. I've tried googling for various intstructions on how to properly disabling the "higher functions" of the 2Wire, and all roads lead me to the MDC, which on my box is password protected. An initial call into Telus (the ISP) tech support returned a response that this box can't be Bridged in the way I am wanting, but that I could ask for a downgrade to a modem-only box that can be connected to my LinkSys the way I'm wanting.

    I'm planning to put another call in to the support line to ask for the password for the MDC console, but unfortunately, life has gotten busy. I will return to this, and pursue this further, but I just can't at he moment.
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