Amd 64x2 vs pentium t4400

I am looking to buy a budget laptop and am wondering if there is a real difference now between the amd and pentium. I am looking at the amd 64x2 and the pentium T4400
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  1. Well, that pentium is a very old socket 478 part. The AMD is a bit newer but you failed to tell us what model you were looking at.

    Perhaps it would be best if you linked us to each laptop so we can get an overall look at each. Also, what is your budget? Much better laptops can be found for $500-600.
  2. Acctually the processor in question is not a "very old socket 478 part". It runs on a Socket P. Socket P is the mobile processor socket replacement for Intel Core 2 chips. It launched on May 9, 2007, as part of the Santa Rosa platform with the Merom and Penryn processors. It's generally new, and supports both most core 2 duo's (mobile) and some core2quads (mobile). So in theory if one were to buy any laptop with an Intell T4400, he/she could upgrade their processor from a T4400 to anything from the core 2 duos to a core 2 quad, adding more value to the laptop in question. In short, anything with a T4400 is probably a better investment than an AMD 64x2 based laptop, which is accually using an older socket type than the T4400.
  3. Yes actually you are correct. My mistake. I got confused because socket P also has 478 pins. I highly doubt anyone would be upgrading their laptop. The value of the T4400 vs an 64x2 laptop would be dependent on the clock speed of the Athlon. Still, to match the T4400 you would be looking at an Athlon 64x2 at a clock speed of 2.4GHz or higher, which is the fastest model of 64x2 I believe. AMD is currently lacking in the mobile CPU segment even with their new Turion IIs. Perhaps when they come out with their mobile phenom IIs...
  4. -Agreed, It's unlikely anyone would upgrade their laptop, but I know Newegg does have quite a selection of Socket P core 2 duos. They are pricey though.
  5. I am considering the purchase of this laptop....looking to stay as close to $500 as possible and this seems to have a lot for the money. I am not however familiar with the procesor pros and cons.

    Brief description:
    Asus - Laptop with Intel® Pentium® Processor - Vintage Brown
    Model: K60I-RBBBR05 | SKU: 9700741
    ENERGY STAR Qualified
    Intel® Pentium® processor T4400; 4GB DDR2 memory; 6-cell lithium-ion battery; DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive; 16" display; 500GB hard drive; built-in webcam; facial recognition; Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  6. It's not an awesome deal but it's worth its price.
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