Is this "EXTRA VALUE" Ram any good?

It's £11 cheaper than a branded 4gb.. what do you think? I am on a tight budget, but if you don't think I should risk it please tell me.

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  1. Its for a medium gaming pc (£600)
  2. Start by listing full specs.
  3. Yeah, that would scare me. You need to find warranty info before you buy i think. If it has a good warranty, it might be ok simply because you can RMA until you get a good pair.

    But if the warranty is bad...DO NOT BUY. Just remember, you get what you pay for.
  4. "Value" RAM is simply slower, less expensive RAM. That's why it's called "value".

    All the other considerations, such as warranty, apply just as much to value RAM as they do to mainstream and premium models.
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