Water Cooling - Need Help!

hey guys,

i was wondering if my water cooling set up will work efficiently, or if i need improvements. i'm planning on water cooling these components:

GeForce GTX 670 (gigabyte windforce)

the case i'm going to use is the SilverStone Raven 1 full tower. the water cooling products i plan to use are:

180mm radiator
bitspower tank z-multi 250 inline reservoir (BP-WTZM250P-IRDBK)
koolance CPU-370SI cpu block
ek-FC680 (since the gtx 670 windforce uses the same pcb as the 680 reference i chose this)
danger den DD-CPX Pro pump

the order i was thinking to do was:
reservoir > pump > cpu > gpu > radiator

will this set up be able to cool my cpu and gpu? my budget for water cooling goes to $400 (CAD) and that includes sleeving materials for my psu.
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  1. You're looking at a 360mm rad setup, 180mm is not enough.

    Read the watercooling sticky:
  2. I would avoid EK nickel, too many issues and restrictions with them
  3. so then i would have to buy 2x180mm rads correct? my chosen case (thankfully) has 2 spots for 180mm fans which come with the case.

    but then how would i do my loop with two radiators?
  4. Why not go with 1 280mm?
  5. my case comes with these fans, and no other mounting points:
    2x180mm (about a hands length away from each other)
    1x120mm top fan

    i also have no intention of modding (other than painting strips of red on the front).
  6. I would go:
    reservoir>pump>1st radiator>cpu>2nd radiator>gpu>reservoir
  7. sounds good.
    but i have one more concern. how much power would i need to run my system?
    i7-3820 (i will overclock)
    ASUS Rampage IV Formula
    GeForce GTX 670
    Corsair Vengeance 4-channel 8gb kit
    Water Cooling set up

    would 750W be enough? or should I go for 1kW?
  8. 750W should be fine, but if you want to upgrade you might need more.
    Check this link out, it has a great PSU calculator.
  9. alright, thanks guys.
  10. No problems, keep us updated as to whats happening though ok :)
  11. well i wont be getting this rig any time soon (in 1 1/2 months maybe?). i have to sell my current one (for 2k), get some money out of my savings account, and build my dream computer :).

  12. Well clsoe this off and start a build log when you begin, we'll add what we can then mate
  13. There exist 180, 2x180, and 3x180 mm rads that are basically for the Raven cases. They work pretty well, but I wouldn't be looking at anything less than 2x180 since you need that extra surface area.

    Your other option is to drill some holes in the bottom and mount a good 3x120mm rad (I have a 120 and 3x120 rad in my Raven RV02). Up to you based on how comfortable you are using power tools.

    750W should be enough assuming you get a good PSU; the 670 doesn't draw that much power compared to other high end GPUs. Go with anything made by Seasonic (which includes most Corsairs and XFX PSUs).
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