How do I set up a dual boot system in Windows 7 64bit?

How do I set up a dual boot system in Windows 7 64bit? I'd like to be able to access my Vista Ultimate 32bit hard drive without changeing the power and Sata plugs everytime to do it?
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  1. If you're running Win 7 64 bit right now, just boot into it, pop in the Vista DVD and go ahead and install in in another partition. If you're running Vista, pop in the Win 7 dvd and install it in another partition.

    Either way, the boot file will append itself with the other OS entry, and you will get the option to choose your OS at time of boot up
  2. Ok, but my Vista Drive and my Windows 7 drive both have files and programs I want to keep.
  3. More info on your setup would help. How many harddisks? Which drives have what? If you don't back up your data, do it now.
  4. on one partition you have your current OS running (say, c:).
    you need to install your second OS on another partition (say, d:), and the installation will require you to do a clean format of d: be fore you can install the OS. so, if you have any important files on d:, back them up beforehand either to c: or some other partition.
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