XFX 5850 BLACK EDTION and Powercooler 500WTS

Hi people,i have a question,I got a Powercooler 500wts with 2 pci-e connectors but its a single wire so i dont know if they got enough power (2 pci-e 75wts EACH its what XFX.com says.Now,could i connect only one PCI-e connector of the PSU and the second one with the PCI-E TO 2 MOLEX connectors?.What dou you think ?

EDIT: I GOT a E7500,4gb RAM ddr3 1066ghz,1hdd WD 750gb,2 80mm with led fans and a TT turbofan 120mm.
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  1. Up! im sorrry about the DoublePost but im excited,the seller recommend me to buy a 600wts or more for this card.
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