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Why are there no good AM3 mini ITX boards? Intel has quite a few good options. I can't find any AMD mini ITX boards that would be worth using. I want AM3 with DDR3 support so I can use the Athlon™ II X2 or X4 XXXe or XXXu processors. All i can find is boards with old nVidia chipsets or a Jetway 785G board with DDR2. Scared to use Jetway. Can we not have some updated mini ITX boards for AMD with 880G chipsets or something and DDR3 support?
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  1. There are a couple on the way but I think the ones I saw used notebook memory..... if that makes a big difference... ??? and 95watt processors.
  2. honestly, there are really no "good" mini-itx boards for AM3. You almost need to go intel at this form factor

    though what are you using this for, you might be able to use a micro-atx slim case with micro-atx motherboard
  3. This one will certainly meet your needs.

    MINIX 890GX-USB3

    The only had part will be finding one if your in North America. J & W does list a distributor in the US, but I can't find a retailer that sells them yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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