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Would my q8200 stock (cannot be oc'd due to oem mobo) be a bottle neck for the HD 5770. Would it be worth it get it. I currently have a hd4650. Thank you in advance
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  1. I would have to say that your q8200 wouldn't be a bottleneck, and yes, a 5770 would most def be a step up from a hd4650
  2. Bottleneck or not, it will still give you a hell of a performance boost over you current 4650.
    I say go for it.
  3. Thanks for the advise guys. Just one thing which version do you think I should get from newegg?
  4. also will my ocz stealthxstream 500watt psu handle it? Thanks guys
  5. Get the new egg cooler one.
    It keeps the GPU and PCB cooler than the original design.
    Performance is exactly the same between both variants.
  6. Yeah, your PSU should handle a single 5770 with out any issues.
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