Head. Must. Not. Explode... HD v NV for Gaming?...

Hi there

Wondered if you could help with the choice between these two specs for gaming:

i5-750 ~ ATI HD-4870 ~ 8MB / 6GB DDR3 ~ 1333Mhz / 2.66Ghz


i5-750 ~ NVidia GTS-240 ~ 8MB / 6GB DDR3 ~ 1066Mhz / 2.66Ghz

I haven't got much choice out there as I'm now a bit pushed for time too for getting a machine for someone as a gift for Christmas!

Thanks in advance
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  1. Actually I would recommend an HD 5770. It performs about the same as a 4870 while consuming less power, running WAYYYY cooler, and supporting DirectX 11.
  2. And a GT240 is about the same as a 9600GT, so about two tiers below the 48xx series ATi card.
  3. Thanks. I don't think a 5770 would be within budget.

    I suppose I could always update the GTS-240 later if needed.
  4. Go with the 4870. It's faster than the 5770 and much faster than the GTS240. Power-wise, it isn't that bad.
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