Can this computer run 3 monitors?

I'm planning on buying a pre-made computer, and this one has caught my attention, but I'm also trying to run 3 monitors to it. I already have 2 and i know the video card supports alteast 2, but how can i run 3 on it? do i need to get another video card? I do plan on running windows 7 since theres a free upgrade.

PS: i havent the computer yet, so if its not a good computer for tri monitors, please say so.

Thanks a bunch guys!
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  1. Piece of CRAP, no monitor??? Forget about it
  2. That seems a bit harsh, but it isn't a great computer. I'm pretty sure you'd have to get a second graphics card. And this computer does not offer a free slot to put it in. I'd say you need to find a different computer if you want three monitors.

    You'd also need a different graphics card if you plan to do any gaming, and eyefinity is needed to game on all 3 monitors at once.
  3. With this computer the only way to get 3 monitor support is eather getting a Matrox tripple head 2 go or a HD 5000 series card. If you get the Matrox the current 4650 in that computer will not have the horse power you need for gaming (depending on your screen resolution) but for just 2D applications you should be fine. Getting the 5000 series card will require you to upgrade the PSU, which would not be worth it in my oppinion. A third option is to plug in a second graphics card, which this computer dose not have the extra PCIE slot needed to do this.

    My final verdict is to look for another prebuild, im sure there are better computers out there.
    Edit: my keyboard missed some letters in a few words :)
  4. Thanks guys, I won't be using this computer for gaming anyways, more for viewing stock market programs, now that u know im not in trying to build a gaming computer, do u guys have any suggestions for tri-monitor?

    btw thanks for ur responses, saved me the trouble of wasting money :)
  5. Ofcourse it can!
    this computer rocks i highly recommend it.
    but alienware is better :d
  6. As paperfox said, the ATI 5000 series can run 3 monitors. Otherwise you'd have to get two video cards (which would be the cheapest solution).
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